terräe water – Japan Ambassador

8/18/20: Lauren Baerg on Terräe Water (Japanese)

English Transcript:

People and Planet before Profit

Water is our most beautiful resource. We’re mostly made of it. It covers 71% of our planet, but only 2.5% is drinkable. 1% of our freshwater is trapped in glaciers and snowfields. The other 1.5% comes through springs, streams and aquifers.

Our artesian water comes to the earth’s surface as groundwater from the Guarani aquifer [“the world’s second largest aquifer”]. As precipitation seeping through sediments of mineral deposits and diamond kimberlite, the artesian water from our wells is the result of rainwater that predates the industrial era [“over 250 years ago”]. Our wells are located in the center of lush Brazil – far from modern industrialization and pollution making our water among the most pristine and pure in the world.

Terrae water’s softness is zero point eight [“0.8”] with a TDS [“Total Dissolved Solids”] at 6 ppm [“parts per million”]. The ideal softness for drinking water is between 1 – 17 so that the water is optimally absorbed into our bodies. For context, many other bottled water brands average 120 in hardness making Terrae water the softest drinking water on the market. As this is all natural from our wells, we do not use any type of water softening systems that remove magnesium and calcium which would leave high levels of sodium. In fact, our sodium [“salinity”] measures zero point two one milligrams [“Salinity/Sodium: 0.21 mg/l”] per liter making Terrae water the lowest sodium content drinking water in the market. Truly fine water.

Terrae Water came into existence with the sole purpose of harmonizing the business of water with the very human aspect of our need for water. In today’s world, water has become a commodity exploited by the unscrupulous for the sole benefit of profit. Terrae believes in putting people and planet before profit. A philosophy that was inherent from the day Yukio Hashimoto first acquired the land in 1979.