silicon, softness and low salinity.

Recognizing that the human body is 60% water and that water is essential to a human being’s quality of life, it behooves the marketplace to have a brand of drinking water that is truly healthy and benefits the human body in every physiological aspect. Terräe Water comes with 3 essential properties:
  • Naturall Silicon content
  • Naturally Soft
  • Naturally “Low” Salinity (Sodium)
Silicon is a vital trace mineral required by the body. It is present in the human body in the form of either a derivative of silanate or silicic acid. It is also necessary for the diet as it increases the overall benefits of vitamin D, glucosamine, and calcium. The “state” of the silicon in Terräe Water is optimal for absorption into the human body.

Soft water is significant for optimal absorption of water so that the Silicon can also be absorbed. Hard water, such as mineral water, is not absorbed as the minerals and dissolved solids cause the human body to quickly move the water into the urinary tract. Terräe Water is extremely soft (.7mg/L hardness) compared to typical bottled water. 5 to 12 hardness is optimal for human physiology.

Low Salinity is instrumental to the body’s sodium-water ratio. Too much salt can cause dehydration, increased blood pressure and calcium loss. With the typical American diet of high sodium foods and beverages, drinking water must be low in salinity. Terräe Water is extremely low in sodium (0.08g/L) in comparison with other brands.

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